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A creative, eye-opening online event for mental health therapists and humanitarian workers

1st annual BE BOLD SUMMIT
MAY 17-28, 2021

We will be exploring inspiring ways to think outside the box and create systemic change within the field of mental health.

Listen to inspiring stories, creative thoughts, brainstorming ideas, and scalable interventions.


Featuring 25 talks over ten days, you can join thousands of attendees as we explore what it means to create large, sustainable, scalable impact in the field - all from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

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Together, we can create systemic change in the mental health field and expand our efforts to help more people.


The Be Bold Summit is:  

  • Impactful: Engage in inspiring talks on creativity, boldness, courage, and community

  • Creative: Think outside the box about how to scale up mental health interventions 

  • Inspiring: Explore new ideas, questions and skills that will give us greater access to self-inquiry and connection

  • Community: Learn new ways to create systemic change cultural shifts in collaboration with your peers 

  • Accessible: Closed captions, transcripts, and a bonus workbook included

  • Educational: CE's available for purchase after your register!