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Who is this for?

The Be Bold Summit is designed for mental health therapists & humanitarian workers. But it may not be for everyone. So, who is it for and is that YOU?

Our participants are….

  • Mental Health Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • NGO/humanitarian workers

  • Adventurous

  • Curious

  • Open

  • Interested in scaling up mental health

  • Social justice oriented

  • Audacious

  • Hungry for depth & inspiration

  • Community oriented

  • Desiring growth

  • Daring

Many people in our community are:

  • Living in various countries all over the world

  • Trans, non-binary, queer

  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color & white folks committed to anti-racism

  • Immigrants and non-native English speakers

  • Activists, movers-and-shakers

  • Innovators

  • Life-long learners

If these things excite you, we would love to have you inside this community space with us.

What can you expect?

at the be bold summit
Ten days of impact

Register & join us for ten days of inspiring interviews and presentations on creativity, boldness, courage, & community. Workbooks included. Entirely online.

ask big

This summit is an invitation to explore new ideas, questions & skills that will give us greater access to self-inquiry, inspiration & connection. Our attendees are thinking outside the box about how to scale up mental health interventions and impact.

The power of community

None of us can make a scalable impact alone. Learning new ways to create systemic change, scale up mental health interventions, and create cultural shifts in collaboration is part of what we do here together.

accessible and inclusive

With closed captions on all interviews, transcripts for accessibility, and image descriptions on all group images and scholarships for extended access, we strive to make this as accessible & inclusive as possible.

You deserve

to feel supported.

Holding Hands

Join Us


Meet your host! 

What if we can create systemic change in the mental health field and expand our efforts to help more people?

Scaling Up is offers innovative and high-quality trainings and communities for mental health therapists that can transform your practice, and build your confidence with case conceptualization, treatment planning, and learning scalable interventions that can make a global. We often partner with humanitarian workers around the globe to conduct trainings and implement trauma treatments.  

Our mission is to alleviate suffering by building a world with accessible and affordable mental health services by using EMDR therapy and AIP-informed procedures in individual and group formats. 


Kelly Smyth-Dent, LCSW is the founder of Scaling Up and the Be Bold Summit.


"This conference is the result of being hungry for a place where a community

of mental health therapists and humanitarian workers could engage in big

questions, innovative thinking, scalable impact, and meaningful connections

in regards to making mental health more accessible to all." - Kelly Smyth-Dent



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